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In Berlin

ping@jaigouk.kim[email protected]

I moved to Berlin 1 month ago. I was curious what it's like to be in startup eco in Berlin. As a Korean, I heard good things about it. Lots of game companies and devs moved to Germany from South Korea for lots of reasons.

I talked with my colleagues in Berlin. U.S is not an ideal place for asian tech people to stay any more. Well, especially in these days, Trump is making it worse day by day. On HN, I saw an article that says tech companies in Silicon Valley started to think about relocating to Vancouver. The news about immigrants in U.S is familiar to me. Because I also have gone through those situations when I visited U.S before.

I hope wealth is more distributed by new political actions. Otherwise, people will not be able to contain their anger.

Anyways, it has been 1 month in Berlin now. I hope I can meet lots of awesome hackers here.