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Learn once, write anywhere Motivation to stick with it I picked up ruby language in 2008 and I fell in love with it. The philosophy was "Programming languages must feel natural to programmers." instead of hammering my head to figure out how to write codes in proper way. And that sparked v…

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the power shift from platforms to people would happen anytime soon. Mediachain or OpenBazaar like new market place will be arrived. I am gathering resources to track that change. Books Blockchain Revolution Videos Opensources…

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Running Deis on AWS

(Deis + Kubernetes + AWS) for the win I like to use deis because I can deploy my projects just like heroku while I can play with kubernetes. So I setup deis on aws. I wanted to use http2 and I can't use http2 ports on heroku. 3 Steps deploy kubernetes with tack install deis with helmc setup DNS and…

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The ultimate glue for microservices I am playing with grpc on kubernetes in these days. My starting point is nginx-kubernets-lb. I wanted to start from small and light solution. But heroku was not an option to play with this. So I had to setup kubernetes on aws. I deployed Deis too. It took some ti…

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