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Jaigouk KIm




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I am a web developer who’s passionate about building awesome apps. I’ve been working with various startup people. I want to be a hacker who contributes to open source projects even after 10 years from now.

At startup weekend, I organized my team and won 1st and best presentation prize then we got into an accelerator program in 2012. And 1 year after, I became a cofounder at Scoutzie. I leaned few things that are related with startup env. Startup is just begging. Running a startup is totally different thing. Need to monitor cashflow and burning rate closely.

The Other thing that I found is that TDD works. Sometimes, BDD takes too much time for startups. When things are chainging fast, BDD is not ideal. But for core biz logic, I think writing specs for models is helpful. I do BDD in my mind and write specs. It's like crafting wooden lamps. Writing clear specs is like having a compass. But before this, the requirements should be gathered in proper way. For that, It's critical to have empathy for service users. So it goes back to why question. I like startup ideas which break the status quo. In my humble opinion, it comes from why should I bother with certain problems. Of course, domain specific knowledge is important but I think the reason should be like a mission that I should accomplish before I leave.