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Ping me via twitter or email. If you want to send me encrypted messages then you can use keybase. https://keybase.io/jaigouk

For a video call, please schedule time. I prefer to use https://zoom.us for video call.


Some people say "Talkers are ruling the world.". I think that's not true. I think it's doers with wills to get through the status quo. When they say "talkers", I think they are talking about people who have keen eyes to observe people. Of course, it starts from asking questions.


Using Slack

Using Slack or Mattermost is helpful for remote situations. But it's the culture that matters. not the tool. Even though you are using the latest tech stacks or tools, the outcome is not related with those. Being able to respect others is important while open to debates. So the chemistry in a team is crucial and that's why top VCs see people instead of "biz models" itself. Once you have reached to tasks to be done, let doers finish them. Let them focus instead of bothering them with various meetings or "chatting" rooms or trello boards.